Lesley Deyton
South Campus


South Campus
1563 Joel Cowan Parkway, Senoia, GA, USA


Jan 12 2022 - Mar 30 2022


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

SOUTH CAMPUS: Family Discipleship

South Campus: Room 105-106
January 12 – March 30

Raising children is an amazing adventure that comes with many blessings and challenges. God calls us to this great responsibility in caring for, protecting, and providing for our children. However, the highest calling, the most precious work the Lord gives us, the primary purpose of our home, the most important work we will do in our lives is creating disciples within the walls of our own home. As a parent this task at times seems mammoth and frankly we may feel inadequate. By no means are we called to be perfect or to create perfect children, but we are called to point them towards a perfect Heavenly Father who loves them more than anyone can imagine. If we are not intentional about teaching our children about how to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to. With this purpose in mind we are calling together couples from our church who have walked and are continuing to walk through the journey of parenting with their own children. We will be hearing from different couples each week, who will share with us wisdom and guidance on what discipleship has looked like/ looks like in their families. As a supplement to the teaching and wisdom we will glean from these couples, this winter we will also be reading Family Discipleship: Leading your Home through Time, Moments & Milestones by Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin. This book will be used as a framework for small group discussions about creating a plan for spiritual leadership with your own families. We pray that you will join us this winter and that we will see God do an amazing work through and with the families at New Hope.

Led by Jenifer Wessels & Austin Childs