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Rhys Stenner - August 11, 2019

No Other Gods

Pastor Rhys Stenner from New Hope begins a new sermon series, 10. This series takes a look at the Ten Commandments and how they are relevant to us today. Each week we’ll unpack a different commandment and discover how they can help us live a life of freedom. This week we focus on the first commandment, No Other Gods.

Scripture References: Exodus 20:1-3

From Series: "10"

A 10 week series examining the 10 commandments and how we can live a life of freedom.

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Past Series

Rhys Stenner - October 13, 2019

The Grass Is Not Greener

Pastor Rhys Stenner concludes the series, 10, by taking us through the 10th Commandment, Don't Covet. Join us next week as we begin a new series, People Get Ready, as we enter an exciting month of preparation.

Scripture References: Exodus 20:17

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