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Royal Ambassadors (R.A.’s)

Royal Ambassadors (R.A.’s)

August 21 – November 6 (12 weeks) Location: Room A311 (Grade 1-2), A313 (Grade 3), A323 (Grade 4-5), A320 (Grade 6) Boys are taught to be followers of Jesus and to have a Christ-like concern for all people. They learn and help support Home and Foreign...
Fall Festival

Fall Festival

Fall Festival is a free Halloween alternative for the whole family that happens every year on October 31. It’s held at both campuses and offers food, rides, inflatables, trunk-n-treat and more! The food and rides kickoff at 6:00 PM with the trunk-n-treat beginning at...
Royal Ambassadors (R.A.’s)

Liturgical Dance (1-6 Grade)

August 21 – November 6 (12 weeks) Location: North Campus Warehouse This class will introduce children to the many expressions of worshiping God through dance. They will deepen their spiritual experience of praise, worship, prayer and Bible memorization. Led by...
Royal Ambassadors (R.A.’s)

Girls In Action (G.A.’s)

August 21 – November 6 (12 weeks) Location: Room B306 (Grade 1) Room B309 (Grade 2) Room B305 (Grade 3) Room B304 (Grade 4) Room B308 (Grade 5) Room B319 (Grade 6) Girls are taught through scripture memorization, drama, games, and interaction with others. They...
Royal Ambassadors (R.A.’s)

Pre-Teen Discipleship (5-6 Grade)

August 21 – November 6 (12 weeks) Location: Room A323 (Girls) Room A320 (Guys) Girls of Grace & Just for Guys – These guy & girl only classes will help prepare pre-teens to deal with varying topics and grow as they study the Bible. REGISTER...
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