reunion plan

our plan for gathering back together

We are so thankful to be able to worship together again. We thank you in advance for pre-registering for your service time so that we can abide by the safety guidelines administered by our leaders.


What are the worship service times? How will we know which service to attend?

You are welcome to choose the campus worship service that works best for you.  In order to manage the number of attendees per service, we ask that you please register online (using one of the links below) to let us know you’re coming.

• We will have two on-campus services at South Campus: 9:15 & 10:55 AM 

• We will have one on-campus service at North Campus: 10:55 AM

• Northgate Campus will gather for worship at 10:55 AM at the South Campus or continue to worship online. (All Coweta County School System facilities, including Northgate High School, are closed at this time.  We will update everyone as soon as we know when we can once again gather onsite at our Northgate Campus.)

What will the service be like?

The worship service may look and feel a bit different, but we will still gather to worship in song and listen to the word of God.  The worship service seating will be arranged in a way to promote social distancing between individuals not of the same household, and the number of attendees at each service will be limited.

When will our Family Groups meet? Will I have to miss Family Group to attend worship?

Our online family groups have continued meeting (and growing!) during this time, and we will continue to meet online, as well as explore other off-campus options.  If you’re looking for an online family group, please click on the “Family Groups” tab below for more information.


Family groups are encouraged to be flexible to ensure that those who are interested in attending on-campus worship services will be able to attend both family group and in-person worship.  Some family groups will be exploring various off-campus meeting options.  Please reach out to your family group leader to learn more about your group’s specific plans.

Are there suggestions for off-campus in-person gatherings?

Starting June 14, we’ll be experiencing worship together both on-line and in-person at both campuses. As we begin to meet in other areas of New Hope, here are some best practices for all in person gatherings this summer.

Some best practices for gathering in person.
– Outside is better than inside
– Keep from shaking hands or hugging
– Practice physical distancing of 6 feet
– Wear face coverings
– Anyone with a preexisting health condition or being treated for a serious illness should not attend
– If you have been tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, you should not attend
– Be sensitive about those who choose for any reason not to attend.
Please continue having zoom or virtual options available, allowing those folks that choose not to attend in person to still participate.
Best practices can help us stay healthy. We also want to be as caring to as many people as possible. Wearing a mask and practicing careful behaviors are ways to show God’s love and compassion for others. Let’s be sensitive to how others are dealing with this situation. Thank you for caring for others and sharing the love of Christ.

What precautions are being made?

We will practice social distancing.  This is defined as staying 6 feet away from other people. We are rearranging and coordinating seating so that it will be easy to provide distance from others during our worship service. Although tempting, we will need to help each other avoid hugging and handshakes.  In addition to social distancing in the worship service, we will provide lots of hand sanitizer, masks, and will eliminate handouts.

Will I need to wear a mask?

While we will be practicing social distancing, wearing a mask is recommended.

Will there be childcare for worship?

There will be no worship care, children, student or adult family groups on campus at this time. We’re asking families to sit together in the worship service, physically distanced from other families and individuals not living in their home.

Will the restrooms be open?


Will we still have an online service?

Yes. We will continue to produce our weekly Sunday worship event that you may view on Facebook, YouTube and at newhopebc.org/livestream.

How will bulletins, offerings and communion be handled?

Our bulletin will be available online at newhopebc.news.  You can also continue to give your tithes and offerings by clicking the “Give” tab below. We will be sure to share updates about communion when they are available.

What can I do to Help?

We would love help with our First Impressions Team, even if it’s a short-term commitment.  If you’re interested in supporting the parking team, greeter team or next steps team, please contact First Impression Director Amber Stewart at ambers@newhopebc.org. We appreciate your desire to serve!

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