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What does your past have to do with the Stress, Strife and Struggles you are currently facing?  Sign up for a Restoring Your Heart group and find out! Restoring Your Heart is a journey that equips us to respond to life’s difficulties, setting us free to fully follow Christ.

New groups will begin on an on-going basis. There are currently three Restoring Your Heart Group experiences; however, specific groups are offered at different times on an as needed basis.  Please go ahead and register for the group you’d like to attend and you will be contacted before the next session begins.  Leader training is available for those who are interested in facilitating RYH groups. For more information or for current group offerings, call 678.825.4794.

Groups typically begin in early August and early January, and meet on Wednesday nights at North and South campus from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  Other day and night groups in various locations may be added.  To register, please select the group you want to take, and indicate which location fits your schedule.  Childcare is offered at North and South campus on Wednesday nights.  In the notes section at the bottom of the page, please let us know the days or nights you can NOT meet, or any questions you have.


  • Processing Pain – women
  • Processing Pain – men
  • Understanding Emotions – women
  • Understanding Emotions – men
  • Conquering Shame – women
  • Conquering Shame – men

Once you register and receive a registration confirmation, You will be contacted regarding the room location. Please ensure your contact information is correct.

Pain – “Processing Pain”: Discover what you learned to believe about the world, yourself and God as you were growing up.  Heal from wounds you received and change the false messages you embraced.  Gain tools to change past and present relationships.

Emotions – “Understanding Emotions”:  Discover what God says about emotions.  Can a Christian ever get angry?  Identify the role of emotions like guilt, fear, anger and grief in your life; and how they may be ruling (and ruining) your relationship with God and others.

Shame – “Conquering Shame”:  Do you secretly feel different or less significant that others?  Is it hard for you to say you can do something well, or to say anything positive about yourself?  Do negative thoughts bombard you? To register for the Shame group experience, you should have previously completed both the Processing Pain and Understanding Emotions group experiences.

Workbooks are $30. Gender specific groups need a minimum of 5, and no more than 10 people.

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